Top 50 jQuery Slideshow

jQuerySlideshow is a best way to show your best image gallery and featured content in a limited space. And with the help of jQuery, you can create an effective effect for your websites. We are here with some of the top jQuery slideshows that will help you in creating an attractive website.





1. Likno Web Scroller Builder

Likno Web Scroller Builder











Likno Web Scroller Builder is a full featured WYSIWYG application that gives you the ability to create any jQuery Content Sliders, Image Sliders, Video Sliders with no coding at all, that will work perfectly in any browser and you can insert them in any CMS (Joomla, WordPress, etc.). It comes with a lot of effects, themes, navigation bars, bullets and a lot more. It also has touch sliding support for tablets/mobile devices.














SIDEWAYS image gallery utilizes the jQuery UI, jQuery Easing and jQuery mousewheel plugin, and has the ability to give an attractive look to your website.

3. Galleria jQuery Plugin

Galleria jQuery Plugin











Galleria loads the images one after another in an unordered list and displays thumbnails of each image when it is loaded.

4.    GalleryView













GalleryView can display any HTML content in an animated gallery view. It requires the jQuery Timers plugin.

5.    AviaSlider













Aviaslider features 8 unique transition effects and lots of options which can help you in creating your own effect.

6.    Zoomimage – jQuery plugin

Zoomimage – jQuery plugin












Zoominage allows you to present your images in a stylish way. This is a nice and simple plugin which can be used in your website.

7.    Image Flow 0.9

Image Flow 0.9












Image Flow 0.9 renders the cover flow effect without any fault. Mouse scroll, keyboard navigation and dragging are supported.

8.    Easy Slider 1.5

Easy Slider 1.5












Easy Slider 1.5 enables contents or any images to slide vertically or horizontally on click. It  can be configured with css alone.

9.    TN3 Gallery

TN3 Gallery












TN3 Gallery allows you to create wonderful photo galleries and slideshows with greta transition effects, CSS skinning and Flickr support.

10.    Galleriffic












Gallerific is a great plugin. It’s simple to use and implement and looks amazing.

11.    jFancyTile













jFancyTile is a jQuery plugin that allows you to transform any list along with images to a wonderful tile shifting photo presenter.

12.    Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider











With 16 unique transition effects, clean and valid markup, Nivo Slider can help you to make your website look stunning.

13.    FancyBox













FancyBox is a great tool for displaying html content, images and multi-media in a lightbox that appears on the top of web page.

14.    imgAreaSelect













imgAreaSelect helps to select a rectangular area of any image. It allows developers to implement image cropping easily.

15.    CJ Flashy Slide Show 1.1

CJ Flashy Slide Show 1.1












CJ Flashy Slide Show allows you to create a slide show with some “flash-like” transitional effects. It has various settings that help to achieve many effects such as transparency, timing, sizing and shape style.

16.    ColorBox












ColorBox is a customizable lightbox plugin that supports slideshow, grouping, photos, inline, ajax and inframed content.

17.    Sexy Slider

Sexy Slider












SexySlider allows you to create powerful sliders with nice transition effects. Make your website more wonderful by adding a unique slider.

18.    PFeloader













PFeloader is a preloader which scans loaded StyleSheet’s for occurrence of images.

19.    AD Gallery – a jQuery gallery plugin

AD Gallery – a jQuery gallery plugin












AD Gallery is a customizable showcase plugin which can enhance the beauty of your website.

20.    Shadowbox












It is a web-based media viewer app that supports all the popular media publishing formats of web. Shadowbox is written in CSS and JavaScript and is highly customizable.

21.    Pirobox V.1.2.1

Pirobox V.1.2.1












Pirobox V.1.2.1 is an advanced version of pirobox with a few things more. One of the important things of Pirobox V.1.2.1 is the ability to open any file.

22.    SlideViewerPro 1.0

SlideViewerPro 1.0












SideViewerPro is a jQuery image gallery engine that allows you to create attractive sliding image galleries.

23.    li JQuery Slider/Image Rotator

li JQuery Slider/Image Rotator












This is carefully crafted slider/image rotator, with many features, easy to customize and install. It has all the features which help you to build a attractive image slider.

24.    Pikachoose













Pikachoose allows easy presentation of photos with options for navigation buttons, slideshows and auto play.

25.    JQZoom













This is a javascript image magnifier that allows you to magnify what you want easily.

26.    ImageFlow











ImageFlow is a JavaScript image gallery which supports multiple instances. It can be implemented easily and is compatible with all browsers.

27.    MopSlider













MopSlider is a slider box that has the ability to contain any item that is set width and height.

28.    jCarousel Lite

jCarousel Lite












jCarousel Lite carries you on a carousel ride filled with HTML content and images. It allows you to navigate images and/or HTML content in a carousel-style widget.

29.    The jQuery Cycle Plugin

The jQuery Cycle Plugin












The jQuery Cycle Plugin supports auto-stop, pause-on-hover, click triggers, before/after callbacks, auto-fit and many transition effects.

30.    jQuery Gallery Scroller

jQuery Gallery Scroller












jQuery Gallery Scroller takes list of images and makes a scrolling photo gallery scrolling diagonally, horizontally or vertically.

31.    s3Slider













It is a JQuery Slideshow that has 3 different features and displaying sides, delay speed, fully customizable sizes which can help you to create a attractive website.

32.    prettyPhoto












prettyPhoto is a jQuery Lightbox clone, similar to original Lightbox to some extent. It has few another features as of original Lightbox.

33.    EOGallery













It is a web animated slideshow gallery which uses jQuery functions and Thickbox to display larger images.

34.    PictureSlides













PictureSlides has the ability to turn your pictures into a attractive slideshow along with fading effects, if you desire.

35.    Coin Slider

Coin Slider











Coin Slider is an jQuery Slider which has many Unique effects that can make your website attractive.

36.    jQuery.popeye













This is an image gallery script which can be used to display collection of images in less space.

37.    Smoot Div Scroll

Smoot Div Scroll












Smoot Div Scrool scrolls content horizontally right or left and does not limit the scrolling to distinct steps.

38.    jQuery Lightbox

jQuery Lightbox












jQuery Lightbox allows you to overlay picture on the current page in an simple and elegant way.

39.    Mb Gallery

Mb Gallery












Mb Gallery is a full-features photo gallery with thumbnails, navigation toolbar and auto-size frame.

40.    jbgallery













The function of jbgallery is to show a single big picture, multiple galleries, multiple pictures, slideshow, as a website’s background.

41.    jqFancyTransitions













jqFancyTransitions allows you to display your images as a slideshow with attractive transition effects.

42.    AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin

AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin












With Previous Slide/ Next Slide Arrows, navigation tabs, auto-playing, and many more features, AnythingSlider can help you to create and attractive web page.

43.    Blinds













Blinds is a great jQuery plugin which features: Multiple instances on the same web page, Unobtrusive, Javascript, Smooth animated transitions and much more.

44.    Image Rotator

Image Rotator












Image Rotator is one of the best ways to display portfolio pieces, image gallery or eCommerce product images.

45.    Sliding Boxes and Captions

Sliding Boxes and Captions












All of these animations work on the same idea. You can either show or cover up the viewing area creating a sliding effect.

46.    Polaroid Photo Viewer

Polaroid Photo Viewer












Polaroid Photo Viewer allows you to add amazing polaroid effect to your images.

47.    Flickr Gallery

Flickr Gallery












It is an open-source photo gallery that allows you to pull pictures from a photoset in Flickr.

48.    Cloud Carousel

Cloud Carousel












It is a 3D carousel that has accurate 3D perspective and can be easily integrated with HTML, all with a bit of Javascript.

49.    Marcofolio













Marcofolio is the best for those who are looking for a full screen image editor to be used as a background of their website.

50.    Supersized













This is fullscreen image slideshow that looks amazing. Its controls are simple and transition effects are attractive.


These are some of the best jQuery slideshows that can help you in creating attractive websites.

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