Top 50 Free Drupal Themes

DrupalNow, it has become easy for website owners and bloggers to organize, manage and publish a wide variety of content on a website with the help of various softwares. To date, there are many types of software in the market for bloggers and website owners to choose from.Drupal is one of the newly established softwares which give an array of services and features to the bloggers and website owners alike.

It has always attracted developers, due to the power of its APIs and the amazing and clean code. Free Drupal themes are high in demand, because of the versatility and growing popularity of Drupal CMS. It is a best option for many business owners who want a great website without the typical costs of having one made from scratch. And with numerous free Drupal themes out there, you can build a perfect site to impress your customers.
If you’re looking for high quality, but free Drupal themes, here are some best themes that are free but their quality will blow you away.



1.   Acquia Prosper

Acquia Prosper









Developed by TopNotchThemes, Acquia Prosper is an advanced Drupal theme with clean lines and a monochromatic look. This Drupal theme is built specifically for e-commerce sites. It is a subtheme of the Fusion Core base theme. Block styles and positioning are controlled through the UI of Drupal using Skinr module. These theme settings and styles give Acquia Prosper an unparalleled amount of flexibility.

2.    Danland









Danland is an elegant, simple and beautiful theme for Drupal 6.x and Drupal 7.x. It is outfitted with clear, clean and professional visuals. The theme has an emphasis on SEO for helping your business for gaining exposure from search engines. This theme includes a photo slideshow or an image slideshow feature on standard installation.

3.    Colorfulness









Colorfulness is one of the best free Drupal themes. This free Drupal theme is a very light-weight, tableless and CSS-based template, made by niGraphic Design. It has a fixed width with two or three-columns. It supports LTR and RTL languages.

4.    Conch










Conch is one of the beautiful Drupal themes developed in vintage style that can become an excellent basis for any Drupal-powered website. It maintains two-column layout. The theme is very easy to use as well as customize and allows you to choose between different color schemes.

5.    BlogBuzz










There is no point in saying that Drupal can’t power a business blog site. BlogBuzz is actually a general purpose Drupal blog theme, but can also be used as a business theme due to its professional look which is perfect for small business blogs.

6.    Ishalist










Ishalist theme is best for people who can appreciate simplicity. If you want a humble and neutral look, then you should consider using this simple theme. It is spacious, with big typography, plenty of white space and a nice header area to place produce images on.

7.    Orange










Orange is a wonderful and modern Drupal theme which has a great structure to place your company’s web copy. It is a CSS-based theme having only one sidebar that can be positioned on the left or right, but it has a few other regions for different content. The theme has integrated search bar that is quickly noticeable to visitors, ensuring that they can easily find what they are looking for.

8.    Acquia Slate

Acquia Slate









Developed by TopNotchThemes, Acquia Slate is an advanced corporate Drupal theme. This free Drupal theme is clean, dark in color scheme and professional. It has a huge header region which gives site owners plenty of room for images and company slogans. Its sidebar features a vertical navigation menu which is easy to use for exploring the website.

9.    Fields 2009 template

Fields 2009 template









This simple and free Drupal theme comes with three standard areas (content, sidebar and header) and three small regions below the header. This free Drupal theme will be mostly appealing to business owners who are in the organic, health, nature and environment industries. The illustrative background and the vibrant green and blue color scheme make the theme light-hearted and business-ready at the same time.

10.     Jackson









Professionally designed, Jackson is a free Drupal theme. It is a well-organized, feature-rich theme, based on the NineSixty (960) Theme. Its lightweight code and clean layout make it perfect for small to medium size business.

11.    Contrast










Contrast is a free Drupal theme which will give your website a slick and two-column webpage layout. It is a clean theme with blue, black and red color palette. The theme has a support for logo, mission, primary links, user pictures and shortcut icons.

12.    AD Novus

AD Novus








Sponsored by Duplika, AD Novus is a part of AD Themes series. It is a professional theme that features a light color scheme. The theme allows you to configure the website layout to have one or two columns depending on your needs and preferences.

13.    ST Octavin

ST Octavin








ST Octavin is a free Drupal theme. Its visual design is suitable to modern business website. The theme is released under the GPL license and is free to use and modify for any site. Out of the box, ST Octavin has a slick and animated dropdown menu as well as a top image banner area to showcase your services and products.

14.    Magazeen









Magazeen is a modern and cool Drupal theme with a stylish color scheme. The theme was primarily designed by WeFunction Design Agency for Wordpress. The theme has a two-column layout and an elegant design.

15.   Energetic










Energetic is a free Drupal theme that features a clean and light layout with an orange and blue color schemes. It has a fixed width layout and supports both two-column and three-column layout. Its drop down navigation makes a perfect theme.

16.    BlueMasters










Developed by More than (just) Themes and designed by Wendell Fernandes, BlueMasters is a Drupal theme based on the homonymous PSD template. The theme has a custom front-page with 4 block regions and also has footer with 4 block regions.

17.   Acquia Marina

Acquia Marina









Acquia Marina is a modern Drupal theme, designed by TopNotchThemes in cooperation with Acquia. The theme includes the layered PSD files. It also has a point-and-click layout, fluid width, selectable block styles and icons, drop down menu, and configurable sidebars.

18.    Earthen










Earthen is a simple yet elegant Drupal theme with a drop down menu. It has support for logo, mission, primary links, user pictures and shortcut icon. The theme uses a clean corporate color scheme which makes it perfect for any bar, café or restaurant.

19.    Pixture Reloaded

Pixture Reloaded







This is a free Drupal theme by AdaptiveTheme. It is a re-colorable theme that inherits all its features such as powerful layout engine, mobile support and more. The theme includes 18 pre-configured color schemes and built-in drop menus.

20.    Elements










Elements theme is a dark, two-column free Drupal theme with unique style which showcases images alongside the text of recent posts on the homepage. It is based on an old site of Jason Schuller, a famous WordPress designer, for his website WP Elements.

21.    Blackout










Blackout is a free Drupal theme with fixed width layout. Its clean and modern design makes it ideal for blogs and small website. It has support for site name, primary link, slogan as well as two-column and three-column layout.

22.    Agency Dark

Agency Dark









Agency Dark is a free Drual template by Siti and Themes Drupal. The theme was inspired from template. This new theme provides five regions such as header, left sidebar, content, bottom first and bottom last. The source code of the template is very clean and easy to understand.

23.    Sky










Sky is a minimal, CSS-based, center aligned, multi-column layout Drupal theme, with Color module support which uses HTML5 and CSS3. The Sky makes it easy to change different things like sidebar length, sidebar layout, and page width. It also allows you to customize the fonts, including Google fonts.

24.    JesoX MMozine

JesoX MMozine








JesoX MMozine is a simple and clean Drupal template, developed by JesoX. It has a two-column and fixed width layout. Its use of dark and light colors makes it ideal for business websites.

25.    DesignPile










Converted from DesignPile WordPress theme, this is a free Drupal theme by Site 5. It is a CSS based theme with tableless design. The theme has three unique color schemes and a fixed width layout with two columns.

26.    960 Robots

960 Robots









960 Robots is a free Drupal theme developed by Lullabot for its Druapal themed videos and DVDs. Based on the 960 grid system, this theme features two columns on the right side of the page. The template also has a two-column footer and calendar-page dates for posts. It uses Twitter’s search API for displaying a random message based on a configurable search string.

27.    iTheme










iTheme is a free Drupal template which is a port of a popular WordPress them of Nick La. The theme is inspired by the look-and-feel of OS X’s user interface.  It has a two-column, fixed width layout and CSS based (tableless) design which makes it perfect for technology related blog.

28.   Urban Solice

Urban Solice









Urban Solice is a well-organized, professionally designed free Drupal theme. Similar to Jackson, Urban Solice has a clean layout and neutral color scheme that makes it a perfect theme for small and medium businesses. It has a built-in banner region and 15 collapsible block regions.

29.    Busy










Sponsered by undpaul, Busy is a free Drupal theme that is mainly targeted at corporate websites. Its professional look and bluish theme shouts “reliable” and “trust”. It is a simple theme that supports color module.

30.    Marinelli










Marinelli is a tableless, three-column layout theme with a “top-tabbed” primary-links system and a wide image banner. It has an optional built-in megadropdown menu for each primary link as well as an integrated rotating banners system based on jquery cycle.

31.    niGraphic Studio

niGraphic Studio








niGraphic Studio is a bright Drupal theme with a CSS-based, light weight and tableless layout. The theme features rounded corners, 2 columns, random rotating header images, fixed width, and standards-compliant XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS. If you want your website look professional and original, then niGraphic Studio is a great choice for you.

32.    Beale Street

Beale Street









Beale Street is a free Drupal theme by RoopleTheme. It is a beautiful, featured packed dark theme which makes it easy to create great Drupal site. The theme contains 18 fully collapsible regions to display the content. It has four built-in color styles and configurable font family.

33.    Quicksilver










Quicksilver is a professional Drupal theme that features a yellow and black color scheme. Its modern and clean design is specifically geared towards the auto industry. The theme has fixed width, two-column and three-column layout.

34.    Summertime










Summertime is a beautiful Drupal theme which is a freely available. It has lots of small fancy things that will make you Drupal site look unique. The theme was developed and designed exclusively for Drupal by Pixeljets team.

35.    Asesor Blue

Asesor Blue









Asesor Blue is a simple, clean and elegant Drupal theme by MaisMedia Optimization Web team. It has completely CSS-based, tableless layout. It supports all default Drupal theme features such as search box, logo, site name, primary links and favicon, etc.

36.    Freestyle










Freestyle is a colorful Drupal theme with two-column, tableless layout. Its skate/punk motif uses yellow and pink neon spray paint which gives it a chic look.  The template has nice negative and positive space usage. This Drupal theme is a conversion of an original HTML template by Tony Pires.

37.    Alphorn










Alphorn is a free Drupal template built for flexible uses. It is an impressive dark theme and also available in default, green and greycolors. The overall design of the template is suitable for a business website. It has a flexible layout, three menu options and various combinations for you to choose from.

38.    Dark Elegance

Dark Elegance









Dark elegance is dark and simple Drupal theme from Dezinerfolio. It mostly focuses on simplicity in accessibility, usability, typography and has a CSS-based (tableless) layout. Its color palette makes use of simple flat dark colors that helps to make it a clean as well as fast loading theme.

39.    Libra










Developed by Drupal Soul and Glidea Web Agency, Libra is a free and powerful Drupal theme based on 960 gs. Its design has a clean combination of blue sky colors with effective typography and nice look and feel. Its header is flexible and can optionally include a secondary menu, slogan, site name, search box and the primary links.

40.    MD Construction

MD Construction









Designed by MegaDrupal, MD Construction is a free under construction theme for Drupal. It is a simple theme that comes with 6 color choices like blue, orange, green, brown, purple and pink. The template allows you to customize the logo, title, favicon, and add Google Analytics code.

41.    Paradise










Paradise is a free Drupal theme that features a clean, light layout with a blue and white color scheme. It has a fixed width layout and also supports two-column and three column layout. Its design and layout make it perfect for travel blogs and travel agencies.

42.    Grassland










Grassland is a bloggers theme for Drupal. Originally, it was designed for Wordpress by and ported to Drupal by ipwa. It’s green and brown background helps your visitor feel welcome.

43.    Scaccarium









Scaccarium (Latin word for ‘game of chess’ or ‘chessboard’) is a free Drupal theme. It has a variable width, tableless, multi-column and CSS based layout with a chess theme. The theme has got its inspiration from the free Artificial Casting XHTML/CSS theme by Template World.

44.    JD Purity

JD Purity









JD Purity is a free Drupal template by JoomlaArt. It features effective use of space, typography, versatile tableless design, subtle but varied color schemes, and clean layout. The template is perfect for a business website.

45.    Charity Free Drupal Template

Charity Free Drupal Template









Developed by Adodis, Charity Free is a professional Drupal template. This is a perfect choice for those who wish to start eye–catching as well as truly touching online project for helping children in need. The blue color in the background and its shades will be emphatic for your website as it signifies faith, trust and loyalty.

46.    Abstract










Abstract is a stylish Drupal theme, designed by Veerle Pieters. Abstract theme was primarily made by Woo Themes as a Wordpress GPL theme. It was ported to Drupal as a Fusion sub-theme using Skinr module which gives you many options on blocks as well as views for configuration.

47.    Journal Crunch

Journal Crunch









Developed by More than Themes, Journal Crunch is a free Drupal theme. It is based on JournalCrunch theme of WordPress which was designed by Site 5. The theme has a one-column layout on the front page and it also supports to two-column layout. The footer has four block regions. Its modern design makes it perfect choice for real cool blogs.

48.    Agregado










Agregado theme was originally designed by Matt Dawson and Darren Hoyt for Wordpress and ported to Drupal by Leow Kah Thong. It has a CSS-based (tableless) design and fixed width, two-column layout. It is compatible with various browsers.

49.    Cleanfolio










Designed by designmag, Cleanfolio is a clean and professional Drupal template. Some of its features include two regions, tableless XHTML/CSS. It’s a beautiful theme for a small and simple website.

50.    Monochrome










Monochrome is a free Drupal template with good looking navigation menu. This stylish theme is perfect for a blog website. The theme offers you a left sidebar for entry dates. Its rounded corners give it a perfect look.

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