The Best HTML5 Websites of 2011

HTML 5 LogoThere is a popular misconception that to enhance the design of your website, you need some flash animation. Well, that is not the case! As a designer, I have studied and researched a lot about ways to add that required ‘appeal’ to websites. And since the time when HTML5 came about, flash is not what is in trend.

HTML5 has abilities similar to flash, perhaps even more in many instances and that is exactly what got me interested in it.I constantly keep searching the internet for websites or blogs designed using HTML5. Here I have shared top 5 websites made using HTML5 which I have come across:

The Wilderness Downtown – This is actually a music video with interactivity added to it. The song that plays is, ‘We Used to Wait’ along with many other movements happeningin the background. When you land on the homepage, you are asked to enter the address of the place where you grew up. Once entered, the website uses HTML5 and Google Earth to make a personalized video just for you. The video takes you back to the place where you spent the early years. On seeing this personalized video, I was touched for few minutes as I revisited my home in a very different way.


Agent 008 Ball – This website, Agent 008 Ball, is an online and precise game of billiards for the users to enjoy. It makes use of the canvas techniques in HTML5 in order to structure the design more profoundly. It was actually created to display the advanced features of IE9 and it does that. It is an example of a very simple concept turned into a design rich and user friendly website. Check it out but remember; that game of ‘billiards’ is super addictive! Don’t miss out!

This Shell – This is an experiment done by Legwork Studios to use the features of HTML5 as a marketing strategy. This Shell is a website that basically promotes a music album called ‘Parts’. When you visit the website, there is a video puzzle awaiting you. You have to follow the instructions and solve the puzzle. If you crack it before the music gets completed, you get to download the mp3 version of that song for free.


Ben The Bodyguard – This website is an online promotion developed and design to advertise Ben The Bodyguard, a security application for iPhone from Nerd Communications. The website is just a one page affair which takes the visitor across a neighborhood street where Ben, a character, is supposed to fight and keep all threats away. The way in which these guys have used HTML5 for marketing is what impressed me.


Art of Stars – On this website, you get to know which constellation of stars is situated directly above the place where you are sitting. Art of State website tracks your IP address and accordingly your location. Then it analyzes the data and shows the position of stars above you. Use of HTML5 has helped the site to attract visitors on a large scale.


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