Small Bathroom Design Ideas and Solutions

small bathroom interiors

Are you running out of creative ideas for your bathroom? Some of us aren’t fortunate enough to have very big bathrooms, especially with older properties. So we can only work with what we have.

However, having said that, a small bathroom can still be luxurious. It’s not always about size, it’s all about function, proportion, illusion, and style.

Before we talk about bathroom designs, let’s address the issue of space. With limited bathroom space, your main issues will be:

Leg Room

A small bathroom doesn’t mean your toilet has to be cramped. Placement is the key. If you do not have enough wiggle room, you need to rethink your layout.

Shower or bath, sink, and toilet. These are the three main focus areas. Install the sink in a corner and free up the floor space by choosing a pedestal sink or wall-hung sink.

Use the above floor space for your toilet and consider using an oval-shaped bathtub or custom-measured tubs to use the rest of the space efficiently.

Furnishing and Fixtures

Measure, measure, measure! The secret to making your bathroom feel spacious is proportion.

Before you purchase, always measure and remeasure. To maximise the space, choose the right bathroom fixtures and furniture.

For example, choose shorter towel racks. Instead of getting the usual 23 inches, go for 17 inches or less. Opt for single lever, streamlined faucets for the sink, bathtub, and shower.

Use scones on each side of the vanity and pendant lamps that is proportionate to the space. Get a small ottoman that will add character.

Door Issues

If possible, make sure that the door opens outward. When it opens inward, it will take up even more valuable real estate.

Mirror Placement

To maximise the space, get a small to medium-sized vanity mirror that can double as a medicine cabinet door. You can never go wrong with this option.

You get a vanity and a storage space at the same time. Talk about double-purpose!

Decorating Dilemma

One would think that a smaller space is easier to design and decorate. You couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Because you have limited space, you can’t go all out. You have to plan and choose minimal decorations that will look good and be functional at the same time.

You have to master the balance between style and practicality. Be strategic in your mirror placement. Choose a spot or spots that will reflect the most light.

Have a focal point that will take the focus away from the fact that you have a
small space. Hang a painting or bring in a plant.

Paint Color

Stick with light neutral colours such as white, beige, cream, taupe or off-white which will all make the space look and feel bigger.

Introduce pops of colours through accessories like a bright-coloured ottoman, a painting, quirky and bright-coloured soap dishes, and other creative ideas such as colourful towels.

Easy and Fun Small Bathroom Design Ideas

When designing and decorating your bathroom, always think of functionality and your personal style. Don’t pick a bathroom design just because it works. Make it personal.

Your bathroom is a very personal space. It should reflect your style and personality. Take a design idea that you like and will work for the bathroom space, then add your personal touches.

Fresh and White

An all-white scheme is perfect for a small bathroom. It will not just make the space feel larger, it will also feel and look fresh.

You can make it interesting by using different textures and hues. You can use glossy white tiles like subway tiles or chevron tiles. You can also go for whitewash tiles for a rustic, shabby chic look.

Use fluffy white towels, a furry ottoman or a small white tufted accent chair. An all-white scheme never goes out of fashion. Don’t complicate it, just go white!

Black and Blush

Go for black and blush colours for the decor and fixtures. Imagine slim matte black faucets and lighting fixtures.

You contrast that with blush undertones on your furniture, cabinets, mirrors etc. Keep the walls light. The black and blush touches will stand out nicely.

Half and Half

To get the illusion of a bigger and higher space, go half and half. Use dark, neutral-coloured tiles for the first half of the walls, then finish with white or any light colours above.

This will maximise the brightness of the bathroom lights making it seem like a much bigger space. This is especially effective for sloping ceilings.

A Sunken Bath and Mirrors

Use mirrors and place them strategically to make the room seem larger. The mirrors will also help reflect lights from the lighting fixtures.

A sunken bath will not just free up valuable real estate, it will also add a touch of luxury and a sense of lavishness to the whole space.

Play with Shapes

Shapes can make a big difference. Use clever patterns for your tiles and geometric designs on some of your decor.

The shapes and patterns will trick the eyes and take the focus away from the size of your bathroom.

Tiles Galore

Using the same neutral-coloured tiles from the floor for the walls to give the illusion of continuity making the space feel a whole lot bigger.

The trick is in choosing the right tiles – colour, texture, and style. The right tiles can make the space look like a million bucks. It can also have the opposite effect if you’re not careful.

Whatever design ideas you pick, do not compromise comfort over style. The right balance of comfort, style, and functionality is all you need to keep in mind.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask for expert help. This will save you time and money and a whole lot of stress in the long run.

If you are looking for experienced experts when it comes to bathroom renovations, then please call us today on 03 8797 5506 and let us help you build your dream bathroom.