Top 500 Free Wordpress Themes

500 Free Wordpress Themes

WordPress is one of the best ways to host a website and promote a business. The best option for most of the WordPress bloggers is to install an existing theme as everyone doesn’t have the ability to design their own. So, either you can buy a theme or install a free WordPress theme. Here are top 500 professionally designed free WordPress themes which can help you to host websites.


Best Websites of CSS3+HTML5

ThumbIn the past few years, many developers and designers are getting into design and coding with CSS3 along with Html5. The CSS3 has the feature of easy introduction of paragraphs, change of text color, 1px clicks, and slowly changing links.  The new feature of CSS3 includes CSS animation which allows designer to execute motion-based functions. The background, fonts and colors of the text plays vital role in the CSS3 web design.


Best sites of 2011 with CSS3

ThumbCSS3 makes a designer’s job trouble-free as it helps them to hack their CSS and HTML code to work in internet explorer in less time. CSS3 has brought new features like great animations, text effects and layout, selectors and many more. Here are some of the best CSS3 websites of the year 2011. Take a look.


Top 10 CSS3 Themes

ThumbCascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a simple method for adding style (like fonts, colors, spacing) and layout to Web pages. Cascading Style Sheets help designers to develop attractive website. In essence, it makes whole theme attractive. CSS3 is more popular amongst designers because it allows them to make changes easily. CSS3 offers a number of exciting new features to develop a website. CSS3 makes it easier for designers to create a attractive website that will attract visitors. Here are some of the bets CSS3 themes.


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