How Do I get Started?

Go to our Pricing Page and choose the desired number of reviews you want and enter your details including Email and Name and then complete the checkout process including payment. After that is completed, We will do the rest.
What Do you guys Exactly Do?

We create channels where users can give feedback about your website in an unbiased, neutral view.
Where do you Source your Reviewers from?

The reviewers are considered after a selection process. Our reviewers are not industry experts but real internet users who will put down words for their experiences as they browse. For example, a Shoe company in Illinois shouldn't care for a review from a web user from France, Would it? In short, you will be getting valuable insights from your potential customer base.
Can I see an Example?

Oh Sure! Please find it Sample Reviews.
Do you have a moneyback Guarantee?

Yes We do! We believe 100% in our Product that we are happy to Provide a 10 Day Money Back Guarantee! Because we are Guaranteed you'll be satisfied with our service.
What will be the format of the feedback?

We will email you a PDF Document with the feedback gathered.
How long and how vivid would be the reviews?

Well, that depends on the service. We ask the website reviews to be at least 100 Words each with emphasis on 4 parameters. 1. Usability This will tell you how easy the navigation is. 2. User Interface This will tell you how attractive your site is 3. Brand Recall This will tell you if they actually feel like doing business with you 4. Social Recall. This will tell you How excited they were and if they would like to show off to their friends?
Are these reviews meant for me?

Is that even a question? Our reviews have helped everyone from developers to designers and the marketing experts working on any website. These feedbacks are sought from typical internet users who will analyze your product from customer point of view, unlike usability experts who will just talk about industry beliefs.
How Long will the Reviews take?

That actually depends on the number of reviews you ask for. Usually 24 Hours but additional time frame for specialized requirements. For example, If you are selling a product which is targeted towards a constricted demographic, then a bit of delay is expected as there will be few reviewers available.
Can I choose the reviewers?

Well, that doesn't add a touch of authenticity does it? Although We can also cater to Geographical based reviews where Your exact market users would be asked for reviews.
But, how should I trust that the reviews are sourced from real users based all over the world?

Just to provide some authenticity of the reviews and to prove that the reviewers are NOT OUR EMPLOYEES, we track the IP and the geography of the reviewer.
Ok enough said, what are the prices?

Well we follow a reasonable pricing structure. You can view it here.
How secured are we with the Data?

Designs Review doesn't sell or give out website data to Third party companies or any agency ever. We offer 100% Privacy.
What about our Private information?

Your Privacy is our top concern. Your private information is safe with us and secured and will be only used for registration purposes.

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