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As a homeowner, you want to do everything possible to ensure your abode is comfortable and attractive. Pendant light Sydney experts can help you to choose the best lights to have installed throughout your home. When done correctly, your lighting system can add to the ambiance of your house.


There are several things that you should understand about lighting systems so you can choose the styles, sizes and combinations that are going to satisfy you in the end. In order to identify the best sources, you should have a variety of lights at different levels so that the entire room is well-lit. Additionally, you are going to need task-specific lighting so you can see what you are doing without squinting.

Pendant Light Sydney | Satelight


The kitchen is one of the most popular locations in many homes, and proper lighting is essential for your comfort and safety. Most kitchens already have an overhead light fixture, though many are designed for functionality rather than aesthetics. Adding a dimmer switch to this light will give you the ability to adjust it as necessary, giving you the full light needed when preparing your meals and significantly less at other times.


Your pendant light Sydney experts can also add task specific lighting in order to shine a much-needed light on your work areas. Place them in strategic locations in the room so that you can see the prep station, your sink, and any other needed spot.



In order to ensure your room is comfortable, take advantage of lamps and sconces for reading. Particularly, you should avoid using the overhead light while attempting to relax in bed.


Dining Area

Your dining room should invite guests to sit down for a great meal and conversation. While many folks think of chandeliers in the dining room, that is not your only option. Instead, consider using several pendant light Sydney offerings. Placing an odd amount of these over the table will provide the necessary illumination for everyone to see the table and each other.


Complement the light with light from sconces, votive candles or table lamps. Look around your dining room to determine the best way to provide the necessary ambient light.


Living Room

Your pendant light Sydney experts can also help you to bring light into your living room. Illuminate three of the corners, using a combination of lamp styles. Some should be on the floor while others might rest on the tables. Make sure that you have dimmers when possible and consider adding pendant lights in an area with no foot traffic.



The lighting in your bathroom should include an overhead that allows you to clearly see when you want to clean the room. Additionally, you should have sconces or similar lighting on either side of the bathroom mirror. This will allow you to see your face when grooming. Sizable bathrooms might benefit from a shower light as well.


You can use several different types of light fixtures for your overhead light needs. Pendant light Sydney experts can assist you in determining if pendants or some other form of light would be more appropriate for each location in your house.



Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling from a chain or a cord. Yes, this definition includes the beloved chandelier. However, many pendants only have one light each. You can use more than one in an attractive configuration to light up virtually any area.



These lights are close to the ceiling and can be useful for illuminating large spaces. Avoid them when you want a relaxing atmosphere.



These are somewhere between pendants and flush-mount lights. While they don’t hug the ceiling, they don’t hang low enough to qualify as pendants.


Recessed Lights

Generally smaller than the other overhead options on the list, recessed lights can be purchased in directional units as well. This will give you greater control over the lighting it provides.


Track Lights

Track lights provide great versatility because the lights can be moved anywhere along the track. Additionally, you can angle the light from where it is placed to illuminate a particular area.


This information should help you when talking to your pendant light Sydney representatives. You are sure to appreciate the great new lighting in your home!