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QR Code GeneratorQR Code Generator is an online app or software that helps you in creating QR codes. QR Codes are the most flexible and popular 2D barcode that is used by many of the individuals and businesses for their marketing, education, campaigns and even in ordinary lives. It allows you to create codes that provide email address, contact information, a SMS, phone number, Google maps, WiFi Network or even link to web sites.

QR code which compact any data within “modules”, was developed in Japan for Toyota to track the parts for their trucks and cars. These codes can be scanned with a QR code scanner which is found in most of the smart phones. For readability the rule is simple, light background, dark code. The black and white is the standard and look like crossword puzzle. QR Codes are very convenient. In today’s fast moving world, people are too busy or lazy to type a text or URL to anything. You just have to capture the code by your smart phone’s camera and it will take you to the destination, which can be a website or even a coupon. The QR codes are simple and very useful for driving businesses.

The technical specifications for all the QR Codes are same; the difference is only in the number of modules which is required to store the information. The resolution of almost all the mobile devices is such that the modules on a QR Code of a version 5 or above presents a risk of incorrect decoding. When creating QR Code intended to be used with mobile devices, it’s best to stick to Version 4 or lower. To make things more efficient, the QR Code contains its own self-alignment markers, internal orientation calibration and error correction data. So, it doesn’t matter whether the QR Code is wrapped around a curved surface or upside down, the message will easily get through. A QR Code should effectively promote your business and make your life easy. That’s what our QR Code generator does. It can help you to create an effective QR Code for your business or any other purposes.

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